Asus – Marshmallow Update Goes to Zenfone Selfie and Zoom Users

Ever since Asus has released their Zenfone product line, it has brought about a more affordable way for smartphone users to get a hold of high-end features and specs in a more relatively reasonably-priced package. The company has now many sorts of Zenfones out on the market, and it is trying its best to keep their products up-to-date with the latest in Android technology. Even though the Android Marshmallow operating system is no longer what you could call “new,” especially with Android N coming into the scene, Zenfone Selfie and Zenfone Zoom owners should be able to boast about having the latest publicly released major update for their smartphones.

Asus - Marshmallow Update Goes to Zenfone Selfie and Zoom Users

Asus Zenfone Selfie and Zoom Getting the Marshmallow Update

Asus, the Taiwn-based smartphone and tech manufacturer, has recently posted on their official forum about the information with regards to the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow update that will be hitting both the Zenfone Selfie and Zenfone Zoom smartphones. Both of these mobile phone models will get updated with the Android 6.0 and Android 6.0.1 patch. Therefore, and as expected, most of the Marshmallow-specific features will come in tow.

Just in case you don’t know yet, do know that the Android Marshmallow operating system delivers granular app permissions, which allows users to enable apps to ask for permissions whenever they need to access certain features for your smartphone, which is in this case would be the Asus Zenfone Selfie and the Zenfone Zoom.

The update also brings in Google Now on Tap, which will let users scan their screens and will pull out relevant information on the Internet about the content found. Then there’s also Doze Mode, in which it will put the phone into a deep sleep without actually turning it off in order to save battery life. The patch also comes with a Do Not Disturb Mode that allows for custom rules and an automatic app data backup.

Other features that will arrive include Chrome Custom Tabs that allow for faster loading of webpages, an enhanced Quick Settings area, Deep Linking (which allows for the device to know what mobile apps to utilize for links from various sources), the functionality to turn off heads-up notifications, and a Direct Share feature for smarter and quicker sharing to the people that you contact the most often.

Of course, the update comes with specific improvements to the aforementioned Asus smartphones. For instance, the Zenfone Selfie will add in Google Calendar, Google Messenger, and other new apps and features. For the Zenfone Zoom, it removes some bloatware such as Asus Browser and Asus Music.


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