ASUS ROG G752VT Review – Gaming Laptop With a Great Screen

If you have the cash and are looking for a great gaming laptop, then perhaps you might want to check out the ASUS ROG G752VT. It is big, bulky, and of course, expensive. With these descriptions, for better or for worse, this is your average gaming laptop that you can see, and perhaps even purchase, in today’s market. It has a pretty striking brushed-aluminum chassis, a 17.3-inch Full HD display with a huge bezel, and an angular design that is quite reminiscent to a stealth fighter jet.

ASUS ROG G752VT Review - Gaming Laptop With a Great Screen

The ASUS ROG G752VT Delivers Great Performance With an Amazing Screen, But the Price Might Let Others Shy Away From it

One look at the ASUS ROG G752VT and you would immediately know that this gaming laptop is built like a tank. In fact, the size is so large that this is one behemoth of a gaming laptop. For its weight, it bears a heavy 8.8-pounds, which means that you will really feel all that weight pushing down on you when you carry it inside a backpack (and mind you, your bag needs to be really big as well). However, when you compare it to a fully-fledged desktop PC, you can still call this one “portable.”

But in terms of design, the ROG G752VT does look great. Its exteriors are aggressively sharp, and there are exhaust vents that contrast well with the copper-colored aluminum body. When you open the lid, however, you might a bit underwhelmed as to what you are about to see. While there are many computer screens that sport the bezel-less design, the screen on this laptop is not shy to give you perhaps all the bezels that you could ask for. Furthermore, the rubberized palm rest and trackpad buttons are larger than average. It just screams “giant” in just about every way you look at it.

Minding the bezel on the screen, power the laptop on and you will be graced with perhaps the most beautifully-performing screen that has ever graced a gaming laptop, ever. The IPS panel provides excellent color reproduction, which means that this can also be used for professional image editing, if you want to take a break from gaming once in a while. It also has an above-average brightness level of 306-nits, as well as solid viewing angles, and a very sensible 1080p resolution. The screen even support Nvidia G-Sync technology and it even has a high 75Hz refresh rate.

The ASUS ROG G752VT is even powered by a powerful Intel Core i7-6700HQ with the Skylake architecture. All of these scream for a monster of a gaming laptop. If you’re looking for a gaming notebook, and have the immense cash to spare, then check this one out.


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