Asus ROG G752VY Review – Gaming Worth the Price

The Asus ROG G752VY is large and it’s bulky, but what would you expect from a laptop that is made specifically for gaming. In fact, it has one of the best gaming performances for its price. It even comes with neat features such us a G-Sync display, and a Vapor chamber cooling system which even enhances the gaming prowess of the laptop even further.

Asus ROG G752VY Review - Gaming Worth the Price

The Asus ROG G752VY Delivers Best in Class Performance

Anyone who is more attuned to regular-sized laptops, or even smaller notebooks, might not be too fond about the largeness and bulkiness of the Asus ROG G752VY. Even when it comes to gaming laptop standards, it is fairly bigger and heftier than others. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s all for show as it can deliver a more than pleasing level of performance for all of your gaming needs. Also, despite its obvious bulkiness, it does have a nice design. There is the familiar angular design pattern which is evident in the design formula for ROG products, as well as a metal lid with LED inserts. Then there’s the familiar glowing ROG logo and big orange colored vents that will turn heads when you bring this out in public.

However, its design does have some flaws. For starters, it does have sharp edges found on the keyboard bay, and it can cut into wrists when you’re not careful. Also, there a fat vent found on the back, and although it does look cool, it also makes the entire architecture of the ROG G752VY to be wider. Hence, this laptop does not normally fit inside 17-inch laptop bags.

Moving forward from its design, the laptop sports a 17.3-inch matte panel and it is perhaps one of the finest you can see on a gaming laptop on today’s market. Color saturation has a lot of pop in it, and the viewing angles are really great. In fact, this is one of the perfect displays for 1080p gaming. And more importantly, because of the included G-Synch technology, you won’t find any screen tearing or any imperfections on gaming visuals.

The Asus ROG G752VY even has one of the best gaming keyboards you can find on any gaming laptop available today. Also, it is powered by a powerful Intel Core i7 6700 HQ processor and an Nvdida GeForce GTX 980M GPU. For the memory, it has a meaty 16GB of RAM. All of these translate into one powerhouse of a gaming laptop.


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