Asus RT-AC5300 Review – Insanely Fast With a Price to Match

AC1900 wireless connectivity are now becoming more and more of a “thing” as of late, and many router manufacturers are aiming to keep up with the trend; one more addition to that category is the Asus RT-AC5300. However, instead of just arbitrarily joining the bandwagon, the folks at Asus aim to broaden the horizons of its users when they use this particular router. This flagship device has what it takes to impress, and it will impress a whole lot. However, it does have a price tag that will make your wallet bleed out cash.

Asus RT-AC5300 Review - Insanely Fast With a Price to Match

The Asus RT-AC5300 Joins the Ranks of One of the Best Routers You Can Buy

Use the Asus RT-AC5300  and you get the absolute latest in Wi-Fi technology. It has NitroQAM that allows for incredibly fast single-user throughput, and it also has MU-MIMO technology along with two 5GHz bands to share wireless connectivity with your friends and family. It also has the option to make for link aggregation with the use of Ethernet ports. Doing so will allow up to 2Gbps of throughput.

In terms of design the RT-AC5300 does not shy away from its price tag, even at first glance. Once you remove it from its standard packaging, you will be able to set your eyes upon the eight perfectly aligned and individually cradled aerials. Put those together, and you have a router that will immediately gather attention no matter where you place it inside a room.

When it does not have the aerials, it has dimensions of 245 x 245 x 65-millimeters; but when you install them, it will stretch to over 17-centimeters in height and 30-centimeters square. When combining everything, the package weighs just over 1.7-kilograms. In other words, this is by far one of the heftiest consumer-grade routers you can purchase.

All that heft must mean something, right? And you are correct as its bulk is reflected with its incredibly sturdy build quality. However, the aerials a bit more prone to falling over unlike other routers that have a similar design.

One other slightly disappointing aspect about the Asus RT-AC5300 is that it only has four Gigabit Ethernet ports. For a gigantic router with a colossal price tag to match, you might expect that it should a few more. But if you do not mind these minor caveats, then you will be able to enjoy speeds that are blazingly fast in a package that is incredibly sturdy.


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