Audiofly AF180 Review – Best in Bass and Clarity

If you were to describe the Audiofly AF180, you might tell others that these are in-ear monitoring headphones, which in truth does not sound quite appealing. This is a pro-style pair that, just like other devices in its class, comes packed with standard dynamic drivers to deliver a four-pack of small balanced armatures. These are then combined in order to create a vividly accurate sound, while still maintaining a suitable level of “kick” into the audio that might even appeal to bass heads. Therefore, it can even bring the best of both worlds.

Audiofly AF180 Review - Best in Bass and Clarity

The Audiofly AF180 is for Audiophiles Which Have Very Particular Tastes

The Audiofly AF180 comes in a package that’s fit for its high-end price tag. The device can be found inside a book-bound case wherein the in-ear monitoring headphones are packed deep within heavy foam cushioned behind a transparent plastic cover. Once you take the device out of its standard packaging, you will immediately be met with the attractive earpieces that bare the sparkling Audiofly logo.

The upper portion of the AF180‘s detachable case is malleable, and it is designed to bend over and around the ear. When you bring your gaze further down, there is a slim plastic tube that slides along the headphone’s fork. This allows for a secure offering for the threads to stick together, which does prevent tangles.

These in-ear monitors are perhaps the most attractive pair of headphones in its class that are going to grace your eyes and ears. It has a glossy sheen with a gray-blue color, and it out-styles a lot of other units found within a similar category and price class. Inside its sleek housings, the headphones conceal a four-pack of balanced armature drivers, in which works in conjunction with each other to deliver a claimed frequency response of 15Hz to 25kHz. The company designed these units so that each armature driver takes on its own weight for the audio spectrum.

When it comes to comfort, the experience is purely subjective. For many users, they do not enjoy the wrap-around design which is commonly employed by many in-ear monitoring headphones. However, even though the style presents itself as a challenge at first, this pair from Audiofly is perhaps the most comfortable in-ear monitors you can wear. Furthermore, it can even block out a lot of ambient noise while still playing tracks at a reasonable volume.

The audio performance that the Audiofly AF180 brings have plenty of detail in them, but it might be a tad too bright for some listeners. Still, even though the audio profile leans more to the clear side of things, it still delivers the right level of bass without demolishing other areas of the audio spectrum. It is highly recommended that, at the very least, you would give this pair a listen.


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