Battlefield 1 – Open Beta Starts August 31

Electronic Arts has just recently update the website for the upcoming videogame Battlefield 1 and it states that the game’s open beta for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC versions will start on the 31st of August. Furthermore, it should be noted that the videogame company specifically states “Origin of PC” within the aforementioned update. Hence, this means that those who are interested in playing the PC version of the game would need the desktop client in order to play the open beta. This would then lead to the eventful purchase of the full digital game. Those who are able to sign up for the open beta prior to the 21st of August will be able to receive instructions as to when and how they will be able to play the early preview.

Battlefield 1 - Open Beta Starts August 31

Interested Players Who Want to Play the PC Version of Battlefield 1 Would Need the Desktop Client

According to Electronic Arts, the open beta of Battlefield 1 will focus on the Sinai Desert, which is a location just east of El-Jifar. Here, players on the ground will be able to engage in combat throughout the narrow streets of Bir El Mazar. As for players that are in the air, they will have to participate in dogfights that will take place above the “majestic cliffs.” Players can also make use of an Armored Train to back their teammates up when the battle seems hopeless. The train will be able to blaze through the desert that is already packed with plenty of weapons for their team.

“Ride agile horses across the sand dunes,” the company says in the update. “Take out enemies with a deadly slash of your saber, or attack from afar with powerful rifles fired from horseback. Horses are even effective in antivehicle assaults using grenades — you can run circles around the slower mechanized vehicles and harass them with explosives.”

The Battlefield 1 Open Beta will have two gameplay modes: one is Conquest and the other is called Rush. In Conquest Mode, up to 64 players would be able to fight for control over key objectives. As for Rush, on the other hand, it will only support up to 24 players and they would charge the attacking force in order to find and eliminate telegraph posts that are being maintained by the defending force. In order to protect these posts, the defending force would then have to find and disarm the explosives that have been planted by the opposing team.

For interested players who want to take part in the open beta of Battlefield 1 would have to agree to the terms and conditions of EA, in which they would have to willingly receive emails from the company regarding the game.


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