Baubax Apparels – Wireless Charging Technology in Clothes

We are now living in an era wherein we are doing away with wires and cords to rid us with the hassles of having to constantly get tied up (pun not intended) with our favorite gadgets, and Baubax Apparels has found a way to move ahead with wireless charging technology even further. The Seattle-based startup company has got a very interesting line of clothing that will allow users to charge their devices through wireless means. For instance, if you want to charge your smartphone, then you can just slip it inside a pocket.

Baubax Apparels - Wireless Charging Technology in Clothes

Charge Your Smartphone and Other Devices Wirelessly With Baubax Apparels

With Baubax Apparels, the company now has a dozen wearable charging technologies that are embedded into clothing products. It offers products from jackets to wallets, and these can wirelessly charge your smartwatch, mobile phone, and other compatible devices. With technologies included in the apparel and clothing line will not be machine washable, but they’re not like that. These are all machine washable clothing that is now up on Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign of its own. It even has its own ecosystem of accessories which does make the user go wireless in every aspect.

For instance, there is a 5,000mAh power bank that can be found in the Baubax wallet which allows users to charge smartphones. Then there’s the company’s own earphones that promises to bring no worries with regards to users having to resort to wired technology.

The clothing line consists of apparels that are fit for both men and women. These include sweatshirts, chino pants and shorts, jeans, jackets, and vests. Perhaps the most interesting item of them all is the jacket. It is because there are a lot of wireless charging technologies that can be found in that one piece of clothing. It contains a wireless charger, a battery bank, and even the aforementioned wireless earbuds. It even has an inflatable neck rest, compact blanket, and an eye cover.

The idea for the creation of the Baubax Apparels and clothing line does sound pretty interesting. However, and just like with all other Kickstarter projects, those who want to help with the funding of the product (or in this case products) should be warned that expectations should not be held high. There are many crowdfunding projects that do sound amazing on paper, but actual experiences do differ from what was advertised. If you want to learn more about the clothing and apparel line, you can check out its Kickstarter campaign page.


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Baubax Apparels – Wireless Charging Technology in Clothes
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