BeatsX Earphones Review – The Cheaper, Better Alternative

When the iPhone 7 was revealed to the world, there were many that had their mouths agape, not because of how the smartphone looks, but because of the confirmation that the handset indeed no longer has the headphone jack; this might be a good thing for some, as that means you can explore other options for your new wireless headset for your brand new iPhone 7, especially when you consider the BeatsX Earphones. Even though it has “Beats” in its name (which is a brand popular for creating high-end audio listening devices), it is placed in a relatively reasonable price point. Also, its performance is even better than that of Apple’s AirPods.

BeatsX Earphones Review - The Cheaper, Better Alternative

The BeatsX Earphones is Designed With the Assistance of Apple’s Design and Engineering Teams

It is clear right off the bat that the BeatsX Earphones is primarily made for Apple devices, and this is because the creation of the headphones was made possible because Apple’s design and engineering teams lent a helping hand. Put them on, and you will be impressed by how it fits comfortably. The sound performance is nothing to be laughed at either.

As for the band, Beats dubs it as the Flex-Form cable, and it has two wires that are running through it which are made out of nickel titanium alloy. This material, also called as nitnnol, was developed by the United States Navy back in the late 1950s. It is very durable and malleable while maintaining a lightweight profile. The key to the band is that it has enough robustness but is flexible enough that will let you roll up the headphone into the included compact carrying case without any worry.

At its price point, the BeatsX are not a cheap pair of earphones, but they are less expensive than other wireless headphones on the market, especially from Beats itself. It also costs less than that of Apple’s own AIrPods. Battery life will serve you up to 8-hours of use, which is already pretty decent for a wireless pair of earphones. Furthermore, you can even give the headphone a quick 5-minute charge through its Lightning port (see, it is made for Apple devices), and you will get 2-hours of use from that short charge.

Sound performance on the BeatsX Earphones is pretty good, but if you’re an audiophile that clearly wants to satisfy your tastes for your own style of music, then perhaps you might want to purchase other wireless models instead.


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