Beddi Smart Alarm Clock Review – A Smart Way to Start the Day

As far as alarm clock goes, they mainly do one thing – wake you up at the right moment of the day; however, the Beddi Smart Alarm Clock has more in-store for you than just blaring out a sound to make sure that you won’t be later for work. This particular alarm clock is basically the “Swiss Army Knife” of alarm clocks. Aside from letting you know what time of the day it is, or waking you up in the morning, it can also sync with your Spotify app and account. Furthermore, it also works with both the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Apple HomeKit devices, and it even comes with three programmable smart buttons. These smart buttons can do a whole lot of things, including letting you control your lights, trigger certain IFTTT recipes, or even call for a ride from Uber. Other features include color-changing LEDs, two USB ports for charging your devices, a built-in wake-up light, and it also has the ability to read the day’s weather forecast or track your morning commute.

Beddi Smart Alarm Clock Review - A Smart Way to Start the Day

The Beddi Smart Alarm Clock is the Swiss Army Knife of Alarm Clocks

With all those features attached to the Beddi Smart Alarm Clock, you would assume that it has a relatively steep asking price for an alarm, and your assumption would be spot on. But even though it has a larger price tag as compared to your traditional alarm clock, the extra cash you spend on it will be worth it. But do note that it is still not the perfect all-around alarm clock as there are still some notable shortcomings that can be experienced with the unit. Despite its drawbacks, it is still a cool clock to have, and the design even gives it a bit of premium touch to your room.

Taking the Beddi out from its packaging and it will immediately give you a good first impression. It has a simple, minimalistic design that looks every bit like an alarm clock with upgrades. When you think about it as just an alarm clock, then you wouldn’t probably pick it up just because of its design. However, when you put its smarts into the equation, and the device becomes more compelling to have.

The Beddi Smart Alarm Clock is able to sync via Bluetooth with your iOS or Android device. Aside from taking control on how the clock wakes you up in the morning, there are also other options when it comes to controls such as the alarm volume, wake-up lighting, music integration, and it even has the ability to let your choose the amount of minutes that come in between those snooze button bashes. In fact, what has been said here is just minute to what you can do with it. It is definitely a must-buy for anyone looking for an alarm clock that can do more than just tell the time.


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Beddi Smart Alarm Clock Review – A Smart Way to Start the Day
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