Bellabeat Leaf Review – The Jewelry You Would Want to Wear

The Bellabeat Leaf is perhaps the one piece of wearable technology that you wouldn’t mind wearing around all day, and all of the time. And what’s a bit surprising is that it is not a smartphone, a smartwatch, or a fitness tracker. This is a piece of smart jewelry that will make you want to wear it the moment you gaze your eyes upon it.

Bellabeat Leaf Review - The Jewelry You Would Want to Wear

The Bellabeat Leaf Will Want to Make You Wear it All the Time

What the Bellabeat Leaf first did is that it struck a chord that is found deep within the segment of the modern population that has been largely ignored by manufacturers of wearable technologies – women. This is a device that is made for women that do not want to wear generic unisex devices, such as a Polar  tracker or a Fitbit. While there are some wearable devices that are clearly made for females, they can sometimes be overly flashy and/or cheesy.

The Leaf is named after what it appears like, and it is made out of natural wood and stainless steel. Depending on which model you purchase, you will either get a light wood with a steel that is coated in silver, or a dark wood with either rose gold or gold-colored steel. Aside from the choice of colors, it does come with an option to get it with either the proprietary bracelet or a necklace. The bracelet is made out of premium leather, and it does come with light or dark colors to match the wooden motif of the device.

The device primarily looks like a normal piece of jewelry, and it can easily be mistaken as a pin, necklace, or a cool bracelet. This is one of the reasons why you wouldn’t mind wearing it every day, since it’s so inconspicuous. What it does is it tracks movement through the use of its accelerometer. From that, it will use various data, it will make use of algorithms to estimate sleep, exercise, and breathing data. The accompanying app can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices, and the mobile application will also ask you to sign in with your Facebook account or you could create on with the use of your email.

Instead of looking like a modern smart bracelet or smartwatch that can track activities, the Bellabeat Leaf looks like a premium piece of jewelry that does act as an activity tracker. In fact, its activity tracking capabilities are mostly on-point and even comparable to other big names in the competition.


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Bellabeat Leaf Review – The Jewelry You Would Want to Wear
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