BenQ W1110s Review – A Pretty Good Value

The BenQ W1110s advertises itself as a sports friendly model. It comes with a Football mode that is actually quite useful. It also has good flexibility in terms of its setup, and it is overall a good value for what it can offer. There are some niggles here-and-there, but these are not enough to be a total deal-breaker.

BenQ W1110s Review - A Pretty Good Value

The BenQ W1110s is One of the Good Ones

For a projector designed for the living room, the BenQ W1110s is surprisingly large. It is made to be in a dedicated movie room that is used on occasion unlike other beamers that can act as a full-blown TV set. Even though it does limit the space for your coffee table (which might be cumbersome if you’re watching the big game with chips and dips), its looks is certainly not an ugly addition to whichever room you decide to place this into. It is built with rounded edges, a glossy white top that extends to its sides, as well as a beautiful silver front façade.

If there is one concern pertaining to its design, that would have to be its lens as it looks relatively small with all the “largeness” going on. This design choice also has an effect to image quality as there will be a fair amount of light leakage that will happen. The leaks will come from the vents located at the projector’s sides as well as from the lens barrel itself. However, the latter area can be shut off with the use of a sliding panel that is found above the zoom and focus rings.

When it comes to connectivity options, the W1110s is strong in this particular area. It offers two HDMI ports, a 12V trigger port, an RS-232 port, a component video input, and a PC D-SUB port. There’s also a 3.5-millimeter audio loop-through system and a powered USB port, which is quite a surprise. This means that you can do video streaming with the projector if you have an appropriate dongle such as the Google Chromecast or the Amazon Fire.

The BenQ W1110s delivers a decent level of brightness, and one that is brighter than many of its competitors. It even gets brighter in Football mode so that the images will be engaging to watch in pretty much any environment, expect when under direct sunlight. Color is effective as well as it is able to deliver plenty of contrast.


Where to buy BenQ W1110s?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this BenQ W1110s online.

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BenQ W1110s Review – A Pretty Good Value
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