Beoplay A1 Review – Great Sound Goes With Great Design

The Beoplay A1 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that comes from Bang & Olufsen. The main unit is made out of aluminum, and it comes pre-accessorized with a leather strap. You can easily loop the speaker around your belt, or even hang it on a doorknob or even on your bag. What makes this particular portable speaker is that it might be the very definition of compact. It is the smallest Bluetooth speaker in the entire Beoplay line of mobile products.

Beoplay A1 Review - Great Sound Goes With Great Design

The Beoplay A1 Has a Cute Size With Great Offerings

If you’re wondering about the size of the Beoplay A1, it has approximately 5-inches for its diameter with about 2-inches for its height. It’s that tiny that you can fit it in the palm of your hand without any trouble.  Inside the speaker you will be greeted with two drivers. One is a 3.5-inch aluminum cone for lows and mids, and the other driver is that of a 3/4-inch dome tweeter that handles the top-end of its sound deliverance.

There is also a pair of 30-watt class D amps that power the driver. As for the rest of the A1 Bluetooth Speaker, it seems to be all battery. While it is compact in size, the entire unit weighs a hefty 1.3-pounds. If you think that’s still lightweight, it’s not so much when you consider other portable speakers on the market. However, what you’re going to get is a very decent battery life of 24-hours because of its 2,200mAh cell.

The bottom half of the speaker is rubberized while the top is that of its aforementioned aluminum casing. If you plan on setting this speaker on top of a table, make sure that the perforated side is facing up so the sound will fill the room.

And what a beautiful room-filling sound it is. This speaker is able to deliver superb sounds, and it apples some gentle digital sound processing just to keep the audio experience distortion-free. In fact, the music does not distort even when you crank it up to high volume levels. Music, for the most part, will not sound overly processed. There is a powerful low end “kick” to the played tracks but it’s not too overbearing that it shrouds the other portions of the audio spectrum.

However, the Beoplay A1, even though it has a rather diminutive size, is too pricey for many. You will purchase this speaker because of its compact size and its great audio performance, but you will, perhaps, buy this because of its looks. It should also be noted that this is not waterproof, so don’t go bringing it along to the pool or when you take a shower.


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