Best Websites To Learn Odoo / OpenERP via Online Video Tutorials

Odoo or formerly known as OpenERP is an open-source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software that is stable and adaptive to any kind of business needs. The software integrates everything from Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Project Management, Warehouse Management, Payroll, Accounting and lot of other modules. Having a good knowledge on Odoo / OpenERP would be very benificial specially if you want to implement the system in your company or to your clients. Unfortunately, learning Odoo / OpenERP is not that simple because you need to understand first its functionalities but to learn those things you need time and resources.

Best Websites To Learn Odoo / OpenERP via Online Video Tutorials

Why Learn Odoo / OpenERP via Online Video Tutorials?

Nowadays, online video tutorials increased rapidly because of the facts that it is the fastest way to learn than reading an entire book. Imagine a one book of Odoo / OpenERP that you need to read page by page will be watched only within 8 hours. Another thing is that video tutorials will be easily remembered than of books because of its direct to the point way of teaching.

Best and Top Online Video Tutorials To Learn Odoo / OpenERP

Odoo Class
Learning to develop in Odoo has never been easier. With focus on learning how the Odoo Framework fits together this class was designed from the ground up for anyone who desires to learn just how to customize Odoo or assemble their own Odoo Programs. Even in case you are new to Python or programming general this class can help you get started. Odoo Class has now made over 100 Odoo Videos and puts out new videos weekly. This new class requires what we’ve learned using real world business examples and creates a class that can give you the confidence to create your own strong and dynamic Odoo Programs. Most importantly it’ll supply you the foundation you need for the more sophisticated Odoo Class development videos we continue to release.

Udemy is the world’s online learning market, where 10 million+ pupils are taking classes in everything from programming to yoga to photography–and much, much more. Each of our 40,000+ classes is instructed by an expert teacher, and every class is accessible on demand, so pupils can learn at their own pace, on their own time, and on any device.

Youtube – Odoo / OpenERP For Free
Youtube is the world’s most visited and popular video sharing portal. Youtube is not only good for entertainment but also a good site to learn by watching free online video tutorials that has been published by millions of users. Youtube also contains lot of Free Odooo / OpenERP Video Tutorials with you can access anytime by just making a simple search keyword like “Odoo Tutorial”.


Learning Odoo / OpenERP does not stop by just watching those online video tutorials, you need to take an action to apply what you’ve learned. Experience is always be the good teacher and these tutorials that I’ve mentioned are only a base to what you want to do. I hope you like this post about Odoo / Open ERP Video Tutorials. Please like or share this post with your friends. Thank you for reading.


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Best Websites To Learn Odoo / OpenERP via Online Video Tutorials
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