Beyond Ink Pen Review – More Than Just a Writing Tool

Think of a pen that James Bond might use as that’s what you’re going to get when you try out the Beyond Ink Pen. Well, the famous 007 would perhaps have pen that can shoot deadly lasers, but this one is not of that sort. Its feature offerings are more directed to a more peaceful sort. In other words, it can write, it can charge your mobile devices, and it can even be used as a stylus among its many functionalities.

Beyond Ink Pen Review - More Than Just a Writing Tool

Beyond Ink Pen Will Let You Write, Store, and Charge

There’s a lot to do with the Beyond Ink Pen, even from out of the box, albeit its packaging doesn’t actually reveal much of what it can do. Therefore, discovering its many functionalities feels more like a major surprise rather than what you would normally feel when unboxing a traditional writing tool. Once you have it in your hand, you will be able to take notice of its many different openings and crevices, in which it will instantly tell you that it can do more than help you write that essay for school.

The Beyond Ink pen can purchased in either white or black brass, and both color variations are accented with a silver stainless steel. The unit weighs 71-grams, and it does have some heft to it, but this comes to no surprise considering the many things jam-packed into this device. In fact, the added heft even makes users feel it is indeed a premium pen.

Aside from the different color variants, interested purchasers can also acquire the pen in either iPhone or Android-compatible models. There are also BlackBerry and Windows Phone versions as well. The key distinction between these units is that it boils down to whether it uses a short built-in Lightning or micro-USB cable that will emerge from underneath its clip.

When it comes to its rubberized tip, it can be used as a stylus. However, for this portion, it’s not at all different from any other decent stylus that you can find on the market. Therefore, and in this part alone, this multi-purpose pen does not deliver anything exceptional.

Writing with the Beyond Ink Pen is nothing out of the ordinary as well. However, you would still be hard-pressed to find a pen that can act as a stylus, become a storage device, and let you charge your mobile gadgets in one package. In that note alone, this pen is indeed a must-buy. Just don’t lose it.


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