Bike Computer – Name Could Use Some Work

First of all, let’s get this out of the way – the app is called “Bike Computer” made by Bike Computer Co. how could you name an app so vaguely that you named it after what it is including your own company not considering how much confusion it will cause when users don’t know what exactly they’re looking for. Key in the word bike computer in the play store because you’re looking for exactly a bike computer and you’re given lots of results with the same name but is actually different apps by different companies, if only this app was given a better name, it would easily stand out because of its simplicity and feature set not to mention that it works better than any similarly-named app in the market.

Bike Computer – Name Could Use Some Work

Bike Computer Has the Design, Feel, and Features That Make it a Useful App

Presented in a simple flat design interface, Bike Computer’s overall the UI is professionally done, clean and simple, no fuss, no special effects, just clean and working with a modern touch. Large black text on white background keeps everything clean. On display is the temperature, a “Keep me Safe” toggle, distance covered, current speed in the largest font taking up most of the display, time elapsed for the session, elevation, and a calculation of your average speed. Below is a “record” button to start your session so that the app can engage the sensors and start computing your statistics. Next to it is a settings button to access various settings.

One feature that the app has is a crash-detection feature known as that aforementioned “keep me safe toggle” that is integrated into your contacts list so that the app will contact the person listed in the emergency contacts to let them know that the rider has been involved in such incident. In theory, the feature is great but smartphone sensors can only be so accurate to some extent and will vary upon device and the result is that the Bike Computer App will sometimes register major jolts as a crash and will display the emergency text timer alert when you have the “keep me safe” toggle on. Luckily you can fine tune settings easily, you can set the time before the countdown sends a text to the contact, and the text contents can also be customized, other than that, the text can also contain your location, and speed as well as other details. If ever a false alarm is triggered, you can quickly swipe the alert away to disable it. Once a session is done, it’ll be saved in memory to keep track of your sessions for future reference.

Bike Computer may have needed a little more creativity with its name but its feature set and interface more than makes up for the lack of imagination, plus it works better than any other bike computer app in the market; highly recommended.


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