Bitsbox Review – Coding For Kids

Children spent a lot of time playing on the computer. Now they can learn something and have fun at the same time. Bitsbox will allow a child to play a game and learn coding all at once. The child can play the physical game and then access online content to learn the coding behind it. A Bitsbox review shows that children really like this new technology and a new way to play games.

Bitsbox Coding For Kids

A parent can sign their child up for a monthly subscription to this coding site. Each month a child will get a physical game to play. There will be extra features in this game where the child can go online. Each month they will get a new project to work on. It is so much fun that they do not realize that they are learning computer codes. These boxes are designed for children ages six to twelve. Parents that provided a Bitsbox review have stated that the coding was easy to learn for children. They even enjoyed getting in on the coding fun as well.


Bitsbox coding fore kids is both fun and educational. While the child is busy playing games they will learn what common commands on the computer mean. They will also work on their typing skills and they will be able to build up their syntax skills as well. Each month a child will have access to new projects. They are different and there is something for every interest. This includes game boards, books, and a number of other hands on activities as well.

Bitsbox is a great way for children to learn coding and how to work the computer without making it seem boring. A Bitxbox review shows that this series is a lot of fun. Once the child plays the game they can go online and enjoy more special features while learning how to work a computer.


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