BlackBerry Mercury Review – Could This be the Return We’ve Been Waiting For?

The Canadian smartphone manufacturer is still trying to bring back its crown after losing for so many years in the handheld tech market, but could the BlackBerry Mercury be the device that’s going to, at the very least, put them back in equal footing with its competitors? Read on to find out.

BlackBerry Mercury Review - Could This be the Return We've Been Waiting For?

BlackBerry Mercury is so Brand New That You Might Not Notice it to be From the Same Smartphone Manufacturer

The BlackBerry Mercury still has a nostalgic feel to it because it is still trying to attract customers with its physical keyboard. Aside from that, and perhaps its brand name, just about everything about the new smartphone is new. The familiar physical QWERTY keyboard is still there with the same quality tactile feedback that you can’t simply get when typing with a touch capacitive keyboard.

One new feature to the Mercury is the fingerprint sensor which can be found tucked away inside the physical keyboard’s spacebar. The fingerprint sensor doesn’t bother you when you’re using the spacebar as a dedicated spacebar, which is a good thing. But when you do need it to unlock your phone, it pretty much does the trick.

Even though the keyboard design might make the phone look retro, turn the smartphone on and you will find something new that comes along with it – its software. Right off the bat, the new BlackBerry handset comes with Android 7.0 Nougat. Also, instead of bloatware or menu changes, the new handset from the Canadian smartphone manufacturer just sticks to the stock Android mobile operating system, which is a pretty nice touch. In fact, it has been reported that BlackBerry is pretty adamant in keeping things that way.

But know that the aforementioned features are not even the real selling point for the device. The real impressive feature here is its highly secure encryption that the firm is known to be proud for. In fact, even when they were in their losing streak, they are still deemed to be the number one choice for many when it comes to making devices, especially smartphones, to be as secure as possible. In fact, their encryption is so good that it is even being praised by world-leading governments.

There are a lot of things to be excited for the BlackBerry Mercury, and this feeling has been long overdue. With Android Nougat, a physical keyboard, and a supreme encryption, then it might remove itself from being the dark horse of the smartphone market, at long last.


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BlackBerry Mercury Review – Could This be the Return We’ve Been Waiting For?
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