BlackBerry – No Longer be Issued to US Senate

Looks like BlackBerry is not out of the woods yet as the United States Senate will no longer issue smartphones to its staffers made from the company as the Canadian-based tech firm recently decided to discontinue their OS 10 devices. It is a  major blow, however, the firm will still be able to offer other handsets with the newer operating system to regular consumers.

BlackBerry - No Longer be Issued to US Senate

BlackBerry 10 OS Devices Discontinued for US Senate

In a message that was sent on Wednesday to chief clerks, system administrators, and administrative managers, it announced that the US Senate will no longer officially issue BlackBerry devices, more specifically that of the company’s smartphones, to staffers. Even with a reputation for having devices that promote a secure way to go about messaging, one of the primary reasons was that of the physical keyboard, it has been the vendor of choice for many government officials for more than a decade. Well, that is until just recently.

Over the years, iOS and Android devices have been crowding BlackBerry smartphones out of the market as Apple and Google’s devices have been seen to start beating the Canadian tech firm at its own game. Therefore, it has been battered by rivals, and the firm has even be abandoned by many of its corporate clients. Therefore, it now comes to just a little bit of a surprise that the United States Senate is following suit as they are now starting to shy away from the troubled mobile phone manufacturer.

Perhaps the real surprise here is that the letter states that the company has recently come into contact with AT&T and Verizon that it has already discontinued all production of the firm’s OS 10 devices. Said letter indicated that there will approximately 610 devices with the operating system within the hands of Senate staffers. Furthermore, it announced that it will not guarantee future carrier holders to be fulfilled because of “limited remaining stock.” “Once we have exhausted our current in-house stock, new device procurements will be limited, while supplies last, to warranty exchanges only,” the letter said.

The letter also explained that BlackBerry will still continue on supporting the devices that are still found within the United States Senate but only “for the foreseeable future.” The dilemma that the company had was the line stating that it told Verizon and AT&T that it had already discontinued their devices, more specifically that of the Classic, Z10, Q10, Z30, and Passport.


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BlackBerry – No Longer be Issued to US Senate
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