BlackPlayer Music Player – Free Music App Review

What is the BlackPlayer Music Player? This is a free music app that can be downloaded and installed into a compatible Android device. It can be acquired from the Google Play Store. It is a local music player, which means that it will only play audio files straight from the device’s local storage space. It won’t stream or download tracks and music from an online source. But what sets this particular app from the rest is that it is probably one of the easiest and fastest to use out there.

BlackPlayer Music Player – Free Music App Review

The BlackPlayer Music Player Brings About Excellent User-Experience

What are the key features included within BlackPlayer Music Player? For starters, it is able to support standard local music file formats, which include mp3, OGG, and WAV. There is also a built-in equalizer so you can fine-tune how your favorite tracks play when listening to them. Also, there is also a 3D surround virtualizer and the option to use an external Equalizer. Hence, you can make use of the built-in equalizer of the app AND you can also fine tune your tracks even further by making use of another separate equalizer.

Other features of the BlackPlayer Music Player app include FLAC support, gapless playback, viewing and editing embedded lyric files, management of HD album covers, an ID3 Tag editor, changeable themes, and a very customizable graphical user interface (GUI). Furthermore, the app offers music scrobbling, sleep timer, crossfading (but has limited support), and 3 usable widgets so you can take control of your tracks right from your device’s Home Screen.

Even though it has “Black” within its name, it doesn’t mean that you are only limited to such a color. In fact, you can even take advantage of other themes and colors whenever you’re using this particular music-playing app.

Because of how easy it is to use the BlackPlayer Music Player app, and its ability to make use of another external equalizer, you will be able to customize a whole bunch of things. You can change how the app looks in its entirety, and you can even change the way how your tracks sound like by fine tuning them even further. In fact, this particular app has already garnered a bunch of praise within its Google Play page. One Google User             by the name of Alicia Hansen says that it is the “best app I’ve found. Works great. Looks great. The music keeps playing even if you open a different app. I love that it shows the album art nice and big.”


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BlackPlayer Music Player – Free Music App Review
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