Blizzard – Subtle Diablo Easter Eggs in New Overwatch Map

It is uncommon for games to hide some Easter Eggs to give players more reasons to play as they try to locate them, and Blizzard is no exception with regards to their hit of a title, Overwatch. It is already known that some of Overwatch’s maps have Easter Eggs with regards to some of the developer’s games. In the newly released trailer of the new Overwatch map, which is expected to be released in the upcoming weeks, there are small hints that does give a shout out to one of the developer’s also famous titles – Diablo.

Blizzard - Subtle Diablo Easter Eggs in New Overwatch Map

Blizzard Hiding Some Diablo-Related Easter Eggs Over at the New Overwatch Map

Within the trailer for the new Overwatch map, you might see some subtle hints in which Blizzard did include to give a small shout out to Diablo. The first thing you would notice is when the camera pans towards the trophies found on the wall over at the new Overwatch map trailer, one of them does look a bit peculiar. While the others are horns which are from known animals such as deer, and it could even be Diablo’s head.

It does make people wonder as to why the inclusion of such a “trophy” upon the wall within the new Overwatch map. However, Blizzard Inc. is known for including small Easter Eggs from their other games in other Overwatch maps. In one map, you can even find the skull of a Hydralisk, which is a known being from the Starcraft universe.

When you look more closely at the trophy, you would notice that those are Diablo’s horns. But it also does beg other questions – could this mean that there is another Diablo game in the works? Or if there won’t be a new Diablo game soon, could this mean that there will be a new expansion for Diablo III?

Diablo’s horns are not the only Easter Eggs that Blizzard had included in the new Overwatch map. Near at the end of the trailer, the camera will pan over Baldrich van Alder, which is the King of Eichenwalde. He fell during the omnic crisis, and his body still lays there, sitting atop his crown, and the remains are still clad in armor. Looks familiar? Because this is exactly the same scenario when you see the remains of the Skeleton King in the Diablo III game. However, the two kings are unrelated to each other as the Skeleton King in the Diablo games is that of King Leoric.


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