Blu Pure XL Review – Specs Alone Doesn’t Make a Phone Good

When you look at the spec sheet of the Ble Pure XL, you might immediately pick it up without having to try it out first. For smartphones that have quite the astonishing hardware offerings, at least on paper, they do get a lot of attention. In fact, the larger the numbers, the more excited people become. After all, which handset would you prefer, one that has 1GB of RAM or one that has 3GB of RAM? The obvious choice would be the latter. With Blu Products’ smartphone, they’ve come up with a phone that promises high-end specs and performance, but only the former is clearly evident.

Blu Pure XL Review - Specs Alone Doesn't Make a Phone Good

The Blu Pure XL Has Good Hardware But it’s Not a Great Phone

For the design of the Blu Pure XL, it comes with a 6-inch screen, a set of large bezels, and it has a thickness of 9.6-millimeters. The phone’s design is subtle like a brick, and is therefore sized accordingly. While there are many mobile phones that are now sporting curved edges, supreme comfort when holding them, and rounded corners, Blu Products throws all of those aspects out the trash bin. For this smartphone, it has squared shoulders, sharp sides, and a size that will only fit to hands that would find bowling balls to fit quite snug at the palm of their hands.

In short, this thing is unapologetically large, and one that does nothing in terms of giving comfort. To put it to even simpler terms, this is a sharp brick with features. But its size does offer things that would otherwise be absent in other phones, such as a generous 64GB internal storage, of which can even be expanded with the use of a micro-SD card slot.

When you ignore the already thick bezels on the XL, you will be able to admire the beauty that is its display. This phone is a classified phablet as its 6-inch display is quite massive. The screen sports a 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, thus putting it in the same category as some high-end phones from LG, Samsung, and even Google. The contrast is great and the brightness is not overwhelmingly bright.

On the inside, you would expect the Blu Pure XL to be powered by high-end hardware specs just like it was advertised, and it does. For instance, it is powered by a MediaTek MT6795 Helia X10 octa-core chip which is mated to 3GB of RAM. However, don’t expect to do anything of the powerful sort for this device. Even though it can dish it out, playing just about two HD games on it and the phone will start to heat up. Hence, rapid battery drain is also evident in this device. Overall, while it does have top-of-the-line specs, this might just very well be a brick with features.


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Blu Pure XL Review – Specs Alone Doesn’t Make a Phone Good
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