Blu R1 HD Review – Good Value, Good Performance

Right when you pull the Blu R1 HD out of its packaging, you would immediately note that it is an Amazon Fire tablet but for phones. After a few days of use with it, that notion will become quite clear. This is an unlocked smartphone powered by the Android operating system and it is available to Amazon Prime customers, and for a bargain price to boot. It comes in two variants: one has 8GB of storage and 1GB of RAM, and the other has 16GB of on-board storage with 2GB of RAM. It does have quite a few pre-installed apps from Amazon, as well as a lock screen and built-in ads from the popular online retailer. Even non-Amazon Prime members can take advantage of getting this device, but do note the price tag will be pushed up by quite a bit. It delivers a solid battery life, good overall performance, and it even has a sharp 720p display.

Blu R1 HD Review - Good Value, Good Performance

The Blu R1 HD Brings an Overall Good Performance for a Budget-Friendly Price

When purchasing budget-friendly smartphones on the market, even that of the Blu R1 HD, you would fear for your life as to what were the corners that were cut to achieve such a low price point. However, this is not the case with this handset, as it is encased with a real metal edge and a removable soft-touch black plastic cover for its back. This is unlike the low-end phones that you can find on today’s market that has faux metal and cheap-feeling plastic all around it.

The device comes with a measurement of 5.63 x 2.78 x 0.33-inches, and it weighs 5.01-ounces. This is a svelte and lightweight device. This is even half-an-ounce lighter than that of the Huawei Honor 5X. For its design specifics, they do bear a strong resemblance to the company’s own Life One X.

It is powered by a quad-core 1.3GHz MediaTek 6735 processor, which is once again a similar chipset and clockspeed found on the Life One X. The R1 HD has an overall smooth performance, and you would not expect any significant lags or slowdowns on it, not unless you fill the processor with running apps and only then you would be able to see some significant drawbacks with its speed. However, knowing about what it can do and what it cannot do, then you would be hard-pressed to find yourself installing graphic intensive games or doing anything that can make the processor on the handset work so hard as to make its performance dip down.

That being said, the Blu R1 HD is a good all-around phone for a budget-friendly price. Plus, it even has an above average battery life, one that is even better than the Life One X. You will have no trouble making this handset last throughout the day with moderate use.


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