Blu R1 HD Review – Superior Build Quality on the Cheap

There are many budget-friendly phones on the market that gets ignored, primarily because of the lowered specs and minimal features, but the Blu R1 HD might be worth your attention. Aside from its undeniably cheap price point, you get a camera performance that is fit for its price tag and the performance is suitably consistent (when it comes to basics anyway. But at its price, you would be sure that there are some shortcomings, such as the call volume and audio speaker being too low to listen comfortably. So why purchase this smartphone? Because this can be a great first phone for your kid that won’t expect too much.

Blu R1 HD Review - Superior Build Quality on the Cheap

The Blu R1 HD Might be Your Kid’s First Phone

Because the Blu R1 HD is an Amazon-exclusive smartphone, there is bound to be a lot of ads, and sure enough there are quite a bit. These ads will appear one at a time on the lock screen, and these can also be seen in a small notification banner (which you can easily swipe away). These ads will change every time you wake up the display. These advertisements can range from the online retailer’s own Prime services, to other products such as FItbit.

If you don’t like a phone with a ton of ads, then at this point, it is best to choose another budget-friendly model, like the Motorola G4. But if you don’t mind all the advertisements floating around, then do know that the R1 HD is a solid handset with a pocket-friendly design. It is even quite comfortable to hold. However, do take note that the 5-inch display delivers 720p resolution that is not the sharpest in the industry, but at its price point, you can’t really complain.

As for the camera, you will take advantage of an 8-megapixel rear camera that delivers passable performance. Images shot with the camera are easy to make out, but they do show blurry outlines. There are times when chromatic aberation is very apparent and the auto-focusing can use a ton of work, but once again, at its price, you can’t really complain.

When it comes to performance, the Blu R1 HD can perform slow at times, but that is if you go beyond basic functionalities. Don’t try to open any memory heavy apps because they will automatically close without so much as a prompt. So if your patience is high or you just want a separate phone to text and call and would bear a SIM card from another carrier, this might be an affordable option for you.


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