Bose QC 30 Review – In-Ear Noise Cancelling Goodness

The Bose QuietComfort 35 has excelled in many different areas, and one of those is its excellent ability to block out outside noise, and now we get the Bose QC 30. So what’s the difference? In case you don’t want to use full-size headsets, these in-ear pairs are a great way to listen to your favorite tracks, without the larger size of the QC 35. However, even though this is a wireless pair of in-ear headphones, you would still find it struggling to call it a pair of lightweight audio listening devices. It is because of its large neckband design.

Bose QC 30 Review - In-Ear Noise Cancelling Goodness

The Bose QC 30 Gives You Excellent Noise-Cancelling Performance, Minus the Size

While other neckband-style headphones on the market employ a relatively moderately-sized neckband, the Bose QC 30 makes you wear it like a collar. There are those that might find it to be a unique design and would still go for it, but there might be some individuals that consider this to be an absolute deal-breaker.

But regardless of what you think about how it looks, having a lot of space to house the headphone’s batteries mean that this particular pair will have a fantastic battery life. The brand claims that it will give 10-hours of continuous listening per charge. So if you’re just the casual listener, say if you just listen to music for 2-hours a day, then you can make the QC 30  last for up to 5-days before needing to recharge its batteries once more.

As for the earbuds, they feature the brands StayHear+ tips, and these will stay firmly in place. Along with that pair of eartips, the standard packaging also has three industry-standard sizes of earbuds. A nice little touch is that these extra earbuds are clearly labeled with small, medium, and large, so you don’t have to fiddle around with them and try them each one of them on to know the perfect fit for your ears.

Just like its larger sibling, the Bose QC 30 offers seriously impressive noise-cancelling performance. In fact, it is even on par on what can be experience with the QX 35s. However, even though the noise-cancelling feature is mighty impressive, the audio quality does leave much to be desired. The details found in the mids and bass areas are solid, but the high notes needs a bit of work. So it’s a bit of a trade-off here; you will get excellent noise-cancelling functionality, but you won’t get much in terms of audio quality.


Where to buy Bose QC 30?

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Bose QC 30 Review – In-Ear Noise Cancelling Goodness
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