Bragi Dash Review – Not the Ultimate Model

The Bragi Dash was one of those tech products found in Kickstarter that was able to achieve its goal into becoming a mass-produced model. The company has been working for years in trying to solve the puzzle with regards to this headphone. Why? Because the audio-listening device aims to become loaded with sensors, microphones, and even to have its own 4GB of internal storage space. For the most part, the firm was able to achieve their goal as it has created a pair of earbuds that are even positioned as smart wearables. Hence, it is placed in a brand new category. However, ambition alone won’t make this a great device as it still feels much like a prototype model rather than a finished product.

Bragi Dash Review – Not the Ultimate Model

The Bragi Dash Feels Like a Prototype Model

Even if you may have already tried a bunch of headphones, earphones, and other types of music-listening devices, the setup of the Bragi Dash is a truly unique one. To start, it comes with a box that opens up like a book, and opening it will reveal the ebony earpieces within. The units are affixed to magnetic plates clad in an oyster-shell case of quite the durable metal material which serves as the earpieces home, as well as its charging dock. While we’re already in the topic of battery charging, one full charge will grant the user two to three hours of use. That is suitably very underwhelming, considering that most wireless headphones would be able to grant users about eight hours of use on a full charge of its battery.

Then there’s the Bragi Dash software, which also feels like it is still a work in progress. Charging the earpieces requires them to be filled up for two hours. What’s that got to do with the software you ask? Well, downloading the latest firmware for the device would give you approximately two hours for it to update. Furthermore, you have to do this before you can use the earbuds. In other words, you would have to wait about a couple of hours once you get the earbuds before you can actually use them.

Bluetooth connection for the Bragi Dash is also shaky. The Bluetooth tech can be found on the right earpiece, and it won’t work if you put your phone anywhere else other than the right side of your body. Even though the audio quality for the Dash is really good, it doesn’t forgive the fact that this device feels like it’s still a work-in-progress rather than a completed product.


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