Brother MFC-L2700DN Review – Bang for Your Buck

The Brother MFC-L2700DN is a full, four-function all-in-one laser printer that has a surprisingly reasonable price tag. With its price tag alone, it is definitely something worth checking out. Brother, which is known for creating quality printers, has installed several reliable mechanisms within this particular unit. Also, this printer is based off of the company’s claims to deliver very quick 24-pages-per-minute of printing prowess. It is designed for home or small office use, and it also has an automatic document feeder (ADF) to boot. Another bonus is that it has a duplex print that even comes off as a standard offering.

Brother MFC-L2700DN Review – Bang for Your Buck

The Brother MFC-L2700DN Has Many to Offer for a Very Reasonable Price

While it has a good list of features for its price tag, much can be said about the design of the Brother MFC-L2700DN. It is coated with a dull gray finish, and adding to that relatively normal choice of color is the slate-colored control panel. It also sports a flare shape that is smaller as compare to the a normal-sized deck.

Even though it does lack in external beauty, the MFC-L2700DN is armed to the teeth. In fact, for its price, this may be the most practical printer that you can find in today’s market. At its top, you will find an A4 flatbed that has a 35-sheet capacity ADF.

The control panel for the printer is long and quite practical as it runs the entire width of the machine. There are buttons on either side of the two-line by 16-character LCD display. The controls also include a quick eight-dial button arrangement that will allow users to take advantage of using the printer for other means such as fax.

As mentioned earlier, Brother claims that the print speed of this particular unit is a health 24-pages-per-minute. But in actual tests, it is reported that it is only 17.7-pages-per-minute. Even though the firm falls short for its claims, these still remain very respectable speeds. Especially if you’re just going to use the device for occasional document printing, then the promises don’t really mean much.

Print quality is also pretty decent for the Brother MFC-L2700DN. Overall, it makes for a decent, solid mono laser printer and with a very reasonable price tag to boot. It contains average print speeds (despite Brother’s advertisements) but it does have a good list of features such as duplex printing, an ADF, and a mode for ID card printing.


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Brother MFC-L2700DN Review – Bang for Your Buck
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