Browser – How to Stop GIF Animations

Even though animated GIFs are being used to spice up reactions, or bringing more life into our social media experiences, there are times when too much of them can be a bit of an annoyance; so if you’re wondering if you can turn off, or just limit these animations from your browser, then the answer is yes, you can definitely can.

Browser - How to Stop GIF Animations

Stopping or Limiting GIF Animations From Your Browser

Step 1 – If you’re using the Google Chrome browser, then do know it has no built-in method or setting that will allow you to control as to whether GIFs will animate or not. Therefore, what you can do is to install an extension for such a purpose. In fact, it would seem that Google does take note of such a need as they did provide their own official extension for the task. Animation Policy is the name of the extension, and it will allow users to control GIF animations with the use of a button that will be located on the browser’s toolbar.

Step 2 – Clicking on the button will bring up some option that will allow you to either disable animations entirely, or just force them to just play a single time without having to loop again-and-again. However, if you do choose the latter option, do take note that in order for the animations to play once more, you would have to refresh the entire page. Otherwise, you can just choose the setting for the animation to play on loop.

Step 3 – For the Mozilla Firefox browser, there is a built-in option wherein users are able to stop animated GIFs from playing. Otherwise, the option can also let users play them only once. In order to change the setting, type about:config on the address bar then hit Enter on your keyboard. Once you do, there will be a warning that will pop out. This warning is to let users know that there are some risks involved to changing some settings in the next window. If you’re sure that you know what you’re doing, then click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!” to continue on.

Step 4 – Once in the next window in the browser, type image.animation in the search box. You will then see a setting which is named image.animation_mode. This mode is set to normal by default, and by normal it means that animated GIFs will play on loop. Double-click on the setting and set it to none to stop the GIFs from animating entirely. You can also set it to once if you just want the animation to run, well, only once.


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Browser – How to Stop GIF Animations
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