Bush Spira E3X Review – A Curious Sort

What is the Bush Spira E3X? It is an Android smartphone that is exclusive to Argos and it provides a number of promising features in a relatively reasonable price point. It gives you plenty of storage right off the bat, and it even has a robust build quality. The user-interface is simple enough that it is even near the stock build of Android. While it does give out quite the effective performance, there are some quibbles that might seem unavoidable at its price point, especially when you count its erratic battery life.

Bush Spira E3X Review - A Curious Sort

The Bush Spira E3X Brings a Few Drawbacks Into What Could Otherwise be a Very Decent Smartphone

At first glance at the Bush Spira E3X, you would find this smartphone to be a whole lot chunkier than most. At 186-grams, yes it is quite the heavy handset; and with that figure, it is even 28-grams heavier than the OnePlus 3, and even 31-grams heavier than the Moto G4 Plus. What might make you cuss, however, upon removing the smartphone from its back is the sticker peeling that wraps around the phone. The thing is, if you pull it out abruptly, you might remove some of the letters on the BUSH logo located at the back. Furthermore, when you prod open the SIM tray, you will have to go through one of those flimsy little plastic adapters.

Other than those curiously questionable elements, most of the Spira E3X is well-built. Looking at the back, you will get to feel a slightly sandpapery plastic panel that does feel grippy, which is nice. However, this also means that it is a prime magnet for grease, lint, and dust. Looking at its front, and there is a rather unattractive slab of glass with a slightly curved 2.5D edges that used to be the mainstay of high-end phones.

As for its display, you do get a pretty decent 5.5-inch 1080p LCD panel and its performance is sharp enough. After all, the display specs are the same as what can be found on the iPhone 7 Plus and OnePlus 3, which is an impressive thought. However, the brightness levels and color contrast is a bit lower than higher-end phones in comparison.

But what’s rather curious about the Bush Spira E3X is its battery life. When you use the phone for the light sort of web browsing, checking your Facebook timeline, or the occasional video watching, you might get 2-days worth of battery from it. However, once you take it up a notch, the battery performance drops drastically and it won’t even last 5-hours. Ultimately, this is a good-value phone that presents a good number of stand out features, but there are too many shortcomings that would make your money better spent on other models within the same price class.


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Bush Spira E3X Review – A Curious Sort
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