Bushel – Coordinating the Mobile Workforce

Work has now stemmed from computers to mobile technology, and businesses, large or small, are now taking advantage of mobile apps and the like to keep up with the growing number of employees just to get the various jobs done; one of those solutions to coordinate the workforce through mobile is Bushel. This application aims to provide an adaptable, scalable, easy, and perhaps most importantly an affordable tool to keep track of all of the company’s mobile devices, more specifically their iOS gadgets.

Bushel - Coordinating the Mobile Workforce

Bushel Aims to Keep Track of All iOS Devices Within a Workforce

Bushel produced a platform that allows it to give companies of any size with a more convenient option to operate and configure a slew of devices. And perhaps the best part about this application is that it will take a minimal amount of time and effort, while still letting the user puff up their chest with confidence.

The Bushel mobile device management (MDM) solution is built around a real-time interface that is able to deliver a clear management tool to the company’s Apple devices. These include the management of available drive space, model number, and the currently deployed apps just to name a few. From its dashboard, users are able to wirelessly configure groups or individual devices depending on the desired workflow needs which are based off of the individual or the department using the Apple device. Through the application, users are able to easily deploy an app, update, and even license it to all of the company’s employees’ devices.

For those who are questioning as to how the application will be able to handle sensitive information, then do take note that it can be made available per employee. Users can also keep such information to be prohibited for access for other employees within the firm. The idea is just like with regards to updates and the apps themselves, encryption and passcode settings can be made and enforced through an over-the-air (OTA) command. Users are able to remotely lock or even wipe any device at any time, and this can all be done right from the desktop program itself.

Bushel is a feature-rich platform and it can save a ton of effort, and perhaps even spending a ton of money for the IT budget. Anyone running an operation with a workforce that requires the coordination of Apple devices should take note that this cloud-based MDM solution means serious business, but is placed at a relatively affordable price point to acquire.


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Bushel – Coordinating the Mobile Workforce
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