Cambridge Audio G5 Review – A Classy Speaker

While the portable Bluetooth speaker sector is now literally littered with different units, most of them offer a design and sound offering that is of the traditional sort, but that doesn’t mean that the Cambridge Audio G5 follows that suit. This particular speaker is of the mid-sized variety, and it is the right shape to carry around the house. However, if you’re planning to pack it for your travels, then it is a bit too large, especially for those weekend getaways that are “hand-luggage only.” While it does offer a bit more heft than most, it does bring about a premium-looking design, as well as a classier audio performance.

Cambridge Audio G5 Review - A Classy Speaker

The Cambridge Audio G5 is Larger Than Many, But its Size Brings About Better Performance

Even though it is still marketed as being portable, the size of the Cambridge Audio G5 is twice than mane of the “small” compact wireless speakers on the market. It is the same size of your traditional purse. You might be thinking, “Oh, it’s not that bad,” but the length of the unit might make it troublesome for many to tuck it away inside a small bag.

As for the shape, it is a lightly curved rectangle and has a kickstand that folds away into the body which does help in letting you fit it better inside a large bag. For its looks, if there was a word to describe it, that word would have to be “mature.” It has synthetic leather on its rear as well as on its sides. There’s also a light-gold aluminum grille found on the front. While it does have the size to make you think that the G5 is a rugged speaker that you can bring to the pool, then it is not. Still, the buttons found on its top do have a seam-free rubbery surface. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about water or muck getting in between the buttons.

This speaker has a bevy of features for you to enjoy, and those are matched with its fairly decent audio performance. Within, you will be able to find two 3-centimeters drivers and one 6-centimeterd driver. There is also a pair of passive radiators to give that extra “oomph” in the base power. This kind of setup would not be possible if it were a small speaker, which does give it justification as to why the larger size.

The Cambridge Audio G5 is able to dish out a balanced audio performance, and the bass power sits happily in a very decent level. You will be able to feel the kick within tracks, but it’s not too overbearing that it destroys the other areas of the audio spectrum. This is a capable Bluetooth speaker in its entirety, but it does make you feel that it’s still a ways away from being the best in its class.


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