Camera – How to Prevent Accidental Shake

You’ve gotten your camera out, ready to take that perfect shot, and when you clicked on the shutter, you find that it’s all blurry. You ask yourself, “What happened?” Could it be your camera’s settings? Is the shutter speed too low? It could be; but the most common culprit for blurry photos is accidental camera shake. You may have had too much coffee this morning or you’ve accidentally bumped into someone when you’re taking the shot. Either way, there are ways how you can prevent such an instance so that you can get that perfect shot you can boast to all of your friends in social media.

Camera – How to Prevent Accidental Shake

How to Prevent Accidental Blurry Photos From Your Camera

You may have spent quite an investment for your camera so that you can take clear and sharp images with it. However, accidental shaking can do away with all of that and might even render all the top-end hardware for your image-capturing device to be useless (so to speak).

Since you’ve already invested in your device, what you can do is invest in a little bit more in purchasing a tripod. As a rule of thumb, when your shutter speed goes below the focal length of the lens, then you will run a larger risk of getting camera shake whenever you’re shooting handheld. As such, a tripod will be ever so useful in such instances.

Don’t want to spend extra on a tripod? Then not to worry as there are other methods that you can do with the settings of your device to reduce the possibilities of a camera shake. For instance, you can take advantage of the Mirror lockup feature. Many SLRs have this, but you may be wondering what this is exactly. Whenever you fire the shutter of your device, the mirror will then direct the light through the viewfinder. With slower shutter speeds, this sudden “thump” can immediately cause a shake. Hence, you might consider enabling this function to avoid such a scenario.

You can also take advantage of Burst shooting mode (or continuous shooting mode in some cameras). What you can do when this mode is turned on is just hold down the shutter button to let it continuously take images. Therefore, you can just select from the images that were taken and just delete the rest. However, do be warned for when you’re using this feature, as it can drain your battery quickly and also, for SLRs, you may be wasting your device’s previous Shutter Count.


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