Camera – How to Transfer Photos to Your Computer Wirelessly

If you are the proud owner of a digital camera, and you are a veritable shutterbug of sorts, then you would know the hassles about constantly having to pull out the SD card from the device, plugging it into the computer, transferring your files, then putting the memory card back into the gadget. While it can be done in just a few moments, you can do the entire process without having to remove the SD card from the device. In other words, why remove your SD card from the unit to transfer files when you can just send pictures through wireless means instead?

Camera - How to Transfer Photos to Your Computer Wirelessly

Transferring Photos from Your Camera to Your Computer Wirelessly

If it skipped your attention, then do know that there are Wi-Fi enabled SD cards which were introduced into the market several years back. There are some differences to their traditional counterparts, especially upon purchase. For Step 1, you will immediately notice that a lot of these have a tiny Wi-Fi radio that also takes in the form factor of the SD card. Furthermore, these also have different labels as it would be indicated immediately that they also serve a wireless purpose.

Step 2 – When you replace your standard SD card with this Wi-Fi enabled counterpart, you can gain a slew of functionalities such as the aforementioned way for you to automatically transfer your photos from the digital camera to your computer. Aside from that, you can even automatically (or selectively) upload the photos to your social media profiles, well, that is if your camera does have such a function. You may event want to send the files straight to your mobile device, such as your iPad, for a more portable way of reviewing your pictures instead of opting to wait until you get home to take a look at your taken photos on your computer.

Step 3 – Why is such a device very attractive to shutterbugs everywhere? It is because of the fact that you can transfer files through wireless means. Even though removing your memory card and inserting it into your computer is a simple step, it does mean that you have to take a few more steps before you can take a look at your photos properly.

Step 4 – Is there a downside to using such a memory card for your camera? Well, to start, a Wi-Fi enabled SD card will typically cost more than your standard memory card. Furthermore, you would need to charge your camera’s battery even more to accommodate the additional functionalities.


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Camera – How to Transfer Photos to Your Computer Wirelessly
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