Canon EOS 1300D Review – An Attractive Proposition

The Canon EOS 1300D is presented as a DSLR with excellent value, and it provides many shutterbugs the opportunity to get started with a more serious kind of photography. The camera features an APS-C imaging sensor, and a set of other interesting ones thrown into the mix. However, these features are nothing too revolutionary that would make you boast about the camera (especially to known photography enthusiasts). Still, this is a much needed upgrade to the company’s own 1200D, but the updates on this one is relatively minor. There is that bump in the screen’s resolution, the addition of Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities, and a slight better processor running within it.

Canon EOS 1300D Review - An Attractive Proposition

The Canon EOS 1300D is a Slight Upgrade to the 1200D

If you’ve ever gazed your eyes upon the 1200D, then you would mistake the Canon EOS 1300D with the previous model. Its build and layout is practically similar to its predecessor. It is clear that Canon did not stray too far from its original blueprint.

Right down to its core, this is an entry-level DSLR, and it’s on the more compact side as well. However, it is chunky enough to be more than satisfying for those who want to upgrade from their compact digital cameras. It has a grip that is slightly contoured, and it is textured as well. This assists in gripping the device well while holding the camera in your hand.

At its top, the 1300D has a mode dial, and it can be used to switch between the different exposure modes quickly. You can also use the manual and semi-automatic options. Aside from these modes, there’s also a good set of scene and automatic modes as well. This is great if you’re just starting out with trying to get into DSLR photography.

Perhaps the biggest upgrade to be met with the successor to the 1200D is the Wi-Fi and NFC offerings. To use it, you would first have to download the Canon Camera Connect App, which can be downloaded and installed for iOS and Android devices. The pairing process is quick and easy, and you can even use your device to act as a live view monitor for the camera.

Since the Canon EOS 1300D is an entry-level camera, don’t expect too much from it, especially from its auto-focus points as it has only 9 of them. Furthermore, these AF points are grouped towards the middle of the frame. As far as looking at its image quality, then that is a relative opinion. Should you be jumping into the DSLR category from the compact camera class, then the image quality is sure to impress. However, if you’ve already had a DSLR, even that of the 1200D, then the image quality is just a slight bump up (but still a positive one at that).


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