Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review – A Beast of a Performer

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV brings in a slew of improvements and refinements from its predecessor, the Mark III. For this latest iteration, it even brings in a potentially game-changing set of features and hardware specifications as it delivers Dual Pixel Raw. With its performance and feature offerings, it is shaping up to be one of the most complete DSLRs that you can purchase. Just be prepared to shell out a ton of cash to get it.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review - A Beast of a Performer

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Brings an Absolutely Great Performance, at a Hefty Price

So what do you get with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV? At a quick glance, you’re going to get a full-frame CMOS 30.4-megapixel sensor, an ISO range of 100 to 32,000 (expandable to 50 to 102,400), 61-point auto-focusing system (41 of which are cross-type), 7-frames-per-second continuous shooting, the ability to shoot videos at 4K resolution, and a 3.2-inch touchscreen at the rear that offers 1,620,000 dots. Looks impressive, right? Then if you’re already sold by its features and specs, then be prepared to spend a whole lot of your hard-earned cash on it.

The huge heft in its price tag also gives you better build quality and handling. The design of the 5D Mark IV still delivers that striking resemblance towards its predecessor, the 5D Mark III, and there is even a reason for that. Canon, in a nutshell, does not want existing users of a 5D DSLR to “re-learn” their latest offering. Hence, it does keep the transition phase to a bare minimum and as hassle-free as possible.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of tweaks and refinements found on this DSLR, and a lot of those can be found in the body alone. For starters, the hand grip is now larger than its predecessor, which offers an even more satisfying hold. As for the pentaprism, it now stands at a slightly taller height just to accommodate the GPS element.

But what about its picture performance? For this latest iteration, it uses both a DIGIC 6 and DIGIC 6+ processor, which means that you will be able to make use of a 7-frames-per-second continuous shooting mode. You will be able to take 21 RAW shots before the shutter taps out to breathe for a bit. Moving forward, the 30.4-megapixel sensor is not laughing matter as you will be able to get amazing sharp images out of it.

While the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is a great performer when it comes to stills, much can be said about its video recording capabilities. There are times wherein the rolling shutter effect becomes obviously visible that it can, and will be very annoying. Hence, videographers might want to stay away from it for now until Canon provides a fix for it. But for still photographers, then you will get an absolute beast of a performer.


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