Canon G7X Mark II Review – For Those Who Want High Level of Control in a Compact Package

One look at the price tag of the Canon G7X Mark II and it might ultimately throw off some people. This particular compact digital camera sits at the premium range for Canon’s product line. It is intended to appeal towards those who want a more compact offering yet still has great levels of control for better images. It can even be seen as a great travel partner, especially those who do not want to lug around a huge DSLR inside their luggage whenever they go somewhere but still want to take Instagram-worthy shots.

Canon G7X Mark II Review - For Those Who Want High Level of Control in a Compact Package

The Canon G7X Mark II Presents Itself as Part of the Premium Line

Since the Canon G7X Mark II has a compact size, it is apparent that there are some trade-offs to be made. First of all, the screen at the back of the camera is not fully articulated, and there is no viewfinder either. While it might be fine to leave off the fully-articulated screen, it can be a wonder why Canon decided to remove the viewfinder. Therefore, if you’re a photographer that is used to shooting with DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, then the lack of a viewfinder is definitely something that you would miss.

In terms of design, the looks of the G7X Mark II is pretty sleek. However, it undoubtedly looks very utilitarian. The camera does feel secure when holding it in the hand as there is a useful grip right in front of the camera. Looking at the top, there is the dial for quickly maneuvering between the different modes on offer. Sitting beneath that dial, there is another one for exposure compensation, which can easily be reached with your thumb if you want to make quick adjustments to your photos.

When you’re advertising a travel camera, there are those who go for the “better zoom” option, but this is another trade-off for this particular compact digital camera. Yes, the lens on offer will zoom at a modest 4.2-times, which is roughly equivalent to 24 to 100-millimeters. For comparison’s sake, superzoom cameras offers 30 to 40-times zoom.

When it comes to image quality, the Canon G7X Mark II performs really well in this department. Details are plenty, which makes a fantastic impression whenever you want to print your images or when you want to post photos on social media that are of high resolution. So is this the compact digital camera to get? It depends as the price might throw off some and you would still have to make do with the lack of a viewfinder.


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Canon G7X Mark II Review – For Those Who Want High Level of Control in a Compact Package
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