Canon MAXIFY MB2050 Review – Aiming for the Small Business Market

Major inkjet printer manufacturers are now aiming for the small-business markets as they are trying to replace entry-level laser printers with more low-cost inkjets, and another contender to be placed into that category is the Canon MAXIFY MB2050. What makes this printer so special is due to the fact that it is the cheapest one in the range.

Canon MAXIFY MB2050 Review - Aiming for the Small Business Market

The Canon MAXIFY MB2050 is the Most Cost Efficient Inkjet Printer in the Series

Despite its low-cost price, don’t write off the Canon MAXIFY MB2050 as something that you would just dismiss to become one of the lesser performing ones. To start, it is a substantial printer that delivers a generous 50-sheet ADF that is fitted into the lid of its flatbed scanner. The control panel can be found on the indent on the lid, and it offers a 62-millimeter LCD screen. It is then placed together with a decently-sized number pad for fax-dialing and accessing other control functions.

If you’re expecting a touchscreen interface, you won’t find it here. Instead, there are three soft buttons found underneath the panel, and there’s a four-way directional pad that can be found to the right of the display. Then there’s the more obvious Copy, Scan, and Fax commands that make up for the comprehensive menu system. There are also Cloud and Access Medium options as well, which is an added bonus to allow users direct online access, as well as downloading and uploading files with the use of a USB drive.

The MAXIFY MB2050 has a single paper tray, which is not surprising considering its size and price. The tray can hold 250-sheets of paper that are sized from 15 x 10-centimeters up to A4. Also, there’s no single-sheet feed for when printing special media. Speaking of which, every time you would want to change media, the printer will ask for the details of the new type and size.

In terms of print quality, it is quite good. The black texts are very close to being laser output in terms of black density and its sharpness of the character edges. When printing in color, the fills are smooth and dense. When printing in color, it is very close to the original when comparing them together in terms of color matches. However, there are some that do drop off in the sharpness of the text when printing in color.

But when it just comes to regular office printing, especially with text, the Canon MAXIFY MB2050 is able to deliver for the most part. And what’s more is that it will certainly not hurt your spending allowance. So if you’re in the market for a cheap offering for when you want to print documents, as well as some images from time to time, then perhaps you might not want to look any further.


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Canon MAXIFY MB2050 Review – Aiming for the Small Business Market
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