Canon Maxify MB5420 Review – Be a Small Business Champion

The Canon Maxify MB5420 joins the ranks of the brand’s Maxify series, and this, along with the other models within this particular product line, is primarily designed for small businesses and home offices. But what immediately sets this apart from the many other inkjet printers on the market is its superb performance. To put things simply, this is an amazingly terrific multi-functional workhorse. It adds versatility into its mix of qualities, plus it has a high print yield.

Canon Maxify MB5420 Review - Be a Small Business Champion

The Canon Maxify MB5420 Outperforms Many

Even though the Canon Maxify MB5420 has a price tag that immediately puts it at the top-end of the consumer market, it still makes quite the compelling appeal for small business owners, or for anyone who wants an above-average performing printer as compared to the traditional inkjet model. Inside the standard packaging, you will get the printer (of course), a power cord, a telephone cord (for the fax function), an installation disc, and setup posters. Additionally, the standard package comes with a set of starter ink cartridges, so you don’t have to worry about those being sold separately right off the bat.

As for its design, the Maxify MB5420 screams industrial design. It dons an all-business-like look with a cube form factor. It is coated with a brushed black finish, and the model has dimensions of 18.5 x 15 x 13.5-inches. For its weight, it weighs approximately 30-pounds. One look at it, and you would know it’s not for casual use and it would feel right at home (so to speak) inside a small office.

Installing and setting everything up is an easy encounter, and the instructions are simple to follow through. Should you choose to install the software that’s included with the disc, you will get the My Printer app (which is a utility for troubleshooting printer errors, among other functionalities), a network tool, a Speed Dial tool for the fax, and the PosterArtist Lite.

But how does the Canon Maxify MB5420 perform? When it comes to printing speed, it is pretty average when printing texts, but image printing could be a bit faster. But to be fair, this printer is not being marketed to be a photo printer. Nonetheless, print output for text and image is near excellent. Its built-in scanner also performs with flying colors. Ultimately, should you need a four-function, small-office workhorse of a printer, then this should be, perhaps, one of your primary choices.


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