Canton DM55 Review – Audio Quality to Die For

The Canton DM55 is the successor to the DM50, which is a soundbase that acquired the coveted Best Soundbar of 2014 award. With this newer version, it adds some fresh features along with an improved audio quality. There are three models in the range, from smallest to largest, and the compatibility for each size depends on the length of your TV as well as for your room. The one were going to talk about in this article is the smallest of the three.

Canton DM55 Review - Audio Quality to Die For

The Canton DM55 Succeeds the Predecessor in More Ways Than One

Just like its predecessor, the Canton DM55 still has that thick glass top panel that allows for a sturdy surface for your TV. It also has an aluminum grille at the front, as well as thick feet at its base to add to the overall sense of being a premium device. While the overall design is not one that can easily grab attention as a speaker, but what it offers is exactly what you want, and perhaps what you might need in a soundbase.

Its minimalistic black offering will blend ever so harmoniously with many TVs on the market. TVs can be placed on top of the unit that weighs up to 40-kilograms, provided that it does fit well within the 545-millimeter by 300-millimeter surface area. Should you have a TV that is over 50-inches, then it is recommended to get either of the two larger options, them being the DM75 or the DM100.

On its front, there is a tiny LED display that has the subtle Canton logo. While still on its display, it only has room for three digits, that’s how small it is. It doesn’t go away for the overall simplicity of the DM55’s design, but it can be a bit difficult when cycling through the menu option. Thankfully, whatever is on that display will disappear when it goes idle so you won’t get distracted by it.

This newer model builds on the excellent audio performance of its predecessor even further. It has an audio output that is not only powerful, but refined and subtle as well. As a matter of fact, it acts like it is a separate unit rather than being tied down with your TV as a soundbase.

Simply speaking, when you load your favorite movies into your TV, such as Star Wars The Force Awakens, the Canton DM55 will let you be part of the action as it will deliver the sound of the explosions, the gun fire, and the wooshing of the X-Wing jets in an explosive yet well-controlled bass across the room. If you’re having second thoughts in buying this, don’t.


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