Cat S60 Review – Durability is the Name of the Game

Whenever you’re looking to purchase a smartphone, then there are many factors that are weighing on your choices; but if you want to get the best in terms of durability, then look no further than the Cat S60. Yes, the Cat here is from Caterpillar, the known construction company, but the handset is made from a company known as Bullit Mobile. This is perhaps the most rugged phone that you can find on today’s market, but because of that, it is advertised to a specific niche. It even has a very unique feature – a built-in thermal camera.

Cat S60 Review - Durability is the Name of the Game

The Cat S60 Allows You to See in the Dark

The Cat S60, albeit advertised towards a specific niche, can still be pretty hard to recommend due to the heft in its price tag. It does offer a wild assortment of features, and these are not normally found in your average smartphone. It does, however, have the general design of today’s handset boiled down. In fact, one solid feel for the handset and you will feel its indestructible prowess. It is encased in a stainless steel and carbon fiber frame, and these aspects alone are enough to convince you that it’s going to be more than fine if, and when you drop it.

Furthermore, its own hardware spec sheet backs up its claim with regards to its optimum durability. The device is drop proof from a height of up to 1.8-meters or 6-feet. There is also a good array of physical buttons and ports available, and it is waterproof of up to 2-meters. The waterproof functionality can even extend further to 5-meters should you flip the small gold switches found on the front-facing speakers to assist the device in blocking more water.

The S60 achieves this kind of ruggedness due to its level of protection and the amount of bulk its carrying. It is almost 13-millimeters thick, and it does weigh quite a hefty 225-grams. If you don’t know much about this figure, then note that this unit is about 1.5-times heavier than that of an iPhone 6s.

One of the more interesting features the Cat S60 has is the addition of a pocket thermal camera made by Flir. Furthermore, this is the first phone on the market that has such a feature. This is a good party trick, but there are many who would never find such a use for it. Ultimately, even though this phone is an absolute beast in terms of durability, it can only be fancied by a specific niche.


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Cat S60 Review – Durability is the Name of the Game
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