CHiP Robot Dog Review – Just in Time for the Holidays

What is the CHiP Robot Dog? The name for the toy is pretty much self-explanatory, but what you won’t know upon your first glance is that it is incredibly and ridiculously charming. It is found in a line of robot toys that stretches back through to 2014’s MiP, the Roboraptor X that came out in 2011, and the Robosapien of 2004. What’s common among these robot toys is that these all came out into the market during the holiday season. Hence, it might even be safe to say now that it is your child’s new present for this year.

CHiP Robot Dog Review - Just in Time for the Holidays

The CHiP Robot Dog Might be Your Child’s Next Playmate

What are the features found on the CHiP Robot Dog? To start, in order to turn the little guy on, there is a power switch located beneath a clip-off panel, in which that is located at the front. Once he springs into action, his eyes will also light up with a blue color. Once his eyes will light up, his head will start to turn left and right, and then each limb will move independently forward and backward. After it is done making his “morning stretches,” he will now be able to start being the adorable little toy that he is.

You will find a Mecanum wheel at the end of each paw, and it works along with the cylindrical protuberances that enables CHiP to move about. With these parts, the robot dog will be able to move forwards, backwards, turn left, right, or even rotate. He can walk(?) through many kinds of surfaces, which include vinyl and wooden floors. In fact, he wouldn’t even trip when he’s on the carpet, which is a nice touch.

Aside from being able to walk on most indoor surfaces, this particular robot dog also comes loaded with sensors. To start, there are capacitive sensors found on his head that will allow him to respond towards touch and simple hand gestures. There is also a built-in gyroscope and a number of accelerometers that allow this robot dog to keep track of orientation, speed, and motion. These sensors work wondrously as these allow the dog to respond towards certain sounds. It will respond to clapping, and even when you tell it some commands.

Even though the CHiP Robot Dog isn’t equivalent to a fully-trained K9 companion, you can’t deny the fact that for a toy, it is pretty smart, even for its size. Furthermore, its appeal towards many, especially when it comes to how adorable it is, makes it the perfect gift for the holidays.


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CHiP Robot Dog Review – Just in Time for the Holidays
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