Chipotle – Delivering Your Burritos… by Air

Fans of Chipotle who are currently in the Virginia Tech area, and want to get a better way to get their regular burrito fix, then now is the time to rejoice. As per Bloomberg, burritos from the popular food chain might be coming to your dorm room real soon, but your food is not going to be delivered by hand. Instead, the company is teaming up with Project Wing, which is a Google-affiliated company, so that it can deliver your ordered burritos with the use of drones. However, while this is a cause for celebration for those who want an easier way to get their burrito fix, it could be a potential problem to Donald Trump.

Chipotle - Delivering Your Burritos… by Air

Chipotle Burrito Delivery by Drone May Prove to be Problematic for Trump

What has the Chipotle drone delivery have anything to do with Donald Trump? It should be known tha the Republican presidential nominee has already made problematic statements over the course of his campaign. Some of these statements have targeted various communities around and surrounding the United States, including the Latino community within the US, as well as immigrants coming to the US from Mexico.

One of the central things that has been around the Republican’s campaign ever since he first announced that he is running for president back in June 2015 was that he plans to build a wall that would truly separate Mexico from the United States. Furthermore, he would even have Mexico pay for said wall. This is because, according to Donald Trump, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” hence, he thinks that there is a supposed dire need to build this wall along the border. Now when you add flying burritos into the mix, then it would really be a hair-raising predicament for the presidential nominee.

Tim Sands, the college’s president, released a statement pertaining to the Chipotle Burrito delivery service by drones: “Last year while discussing the entrepreneurial spirit at Virginia Tech, I jokingly speculated we might one day have quadcopters delivering ramen noodles around campus — apparently I wasn’t off by much.” According to CNN Money, these “flying burritos” will begin its testing phase on Virginia Tech’s campus quite son, and the delivery trials will start within later this month. However, these will be delivered in a specified closed location, so the Republican presidential candidate need not worry… yet.

These Chipotle flying burritos would definitely be a nightmare for Donald Trump, but not in the immediate future. To even add more salt to the wound, the Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez stated on MSNBC back in early September that one vote for Clinton is basically a vote for “taco trucks on every corner.”


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Chipotle – Delivering Your Burritos… by Air
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