Chromebook – Google Plans to End Support After Five Years

One of the best things about Chromebook laptops is not just for the fact that they are quite simple to use, but they are also known to be built to last. The appeal for such a machine has been boosted further with the latest security feature to hit the operating system. This, and along with a lightweight browser-based operating system, users, both new and veterans, would be able to manage work and school-related tasks, as well as the usual browsing of the World Wide Web, in a more convenient fashion as compared to using a touchscreen keyboard interface that smartphones and tablets are more generally known to have. However, despite the machine’s theoretical longevity, it is possible that the Google will cut the lives of their own laptops short.

Chromebook - Google Plans to End Support After Five Years

Google Chromebook May Find Itself at the End of its Ropes in a Few Years

According to Google, each Chromebook is guaranteed to have a minimum of five years’ worth of updates after the product’s original release date. Since that time, every six weeks would let users take advantage of an automatic update that will include new features, such as the newly released Dev update that included a new Quick Lock feature.

But what happens after the five years? Think about this – there are already two Google Chromebooks, the Samsung Series 5 and the CR-48 prototype, that were released back in 2010. This means that these devices have “officially” reached their end-of-life date. There is also another device, the Acer AC700, which is unofficially slated to become obsolete within this month.

However, it has been reported by PC World, wherein a Google spokesperson spoke to them that the end-of-life date does not specifically mean a firm cut-off. It is also said that all devices that do have the Chrome operating system will still continue to receive updates.

It is unclear as to when would this update situation will change. However, users should be able to get notifications on their devices once the updates stop. Even though the patches would be halted, the devices would still be able to function. However, it should be noted that they will become less reliable over time. According to the Google spokesperson, the company does recommend replacing the old device for a new one when that point does arrive.

Google, at the time of writing, is not making any guarantees with regards to the life of the Chromebook and they might even extend the deliverance of the updates even further. Well, at least when security is concerned.


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