Clash of Clans – August Patch Brings Buffs and Nerfs

Albeit the mobile gaming world is currently dominated by Pokémon Go, it doesn’t mean that the hit of a title that is Clash of Clans is now out of the picture. The September update of Supercell’s major hit is still not coming for a few more weeks (at the time of writing), the developer has already treated a number of very useful balancing updates for the game.

Clash of Clans - August Patch Brings Buffs and Nerfs

Clash of Clans Update Brings Buffs to Canon Damage While Reducing Effectiveness of Eagle Artillery

The August update for Clash of Clans has been announced in the game’s official blog. Even though Supercell assures fans that there will be a more extensive update coming soon, the developer is still very optimistic about the upcoming changes within some of the game’s mechanics and its units.

One of the changes that will take place within the Clash of Clans August Update is the increase of damage for canons. It has been announced by the developer that Canon damage will be greatly buffed up, and this will assist players in dealing large-scale attacks when using their mid-sized units. At the moment, mass attacks are known as the bane of matches within the game. When this change gets implemented, the field will become more leveled.

Not everything within the August update comes as a buff or an improvement. Take miner movement speed as a prime example as it will be nerfed come the aforementioned patch. By nerfed, it means that the effectiveness of this particular area or element will be brought down to address balance issues. In this case, it is known that miners are among the deadliest units to be used in the entire mobile game. So much so, that there are many players who abuse the unit’s capabilities with their immense speed and burrowing techniques. In the August update, this would not be the case any longer.

Another change that will arrive in the coming update for Clash of Clans is that healers will become more vulnerable. It is known that healers have always been the center of a number of popular tactics whenever you raid another person’s clan. For a lot of players, especially those in the receiving end of the attack, they would find themselves brutally defeated primarily because the enemies would use healers in their ranks. With the upcoming August patch, healers will now become more vulnerable, making more abused tactics, such as Queenswalk, to be a lot less effective.


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