Clash of Clans – Update to Come Very Soon

With the advent of Pokémon Go, the mobile app from Niantic Labs has removed Supercell’s Clash of Clans away from the throne it once had. Nevertheless, there are still a huge chunk of the mobile gaming community that still play it and have not replaced it with the digital monster-catching game. The game is still so massive that it is believed by many to have started the change as to how people see modern mobile gaming. The upcoming update, albeit still mostly shrouded in shadow, is reported to be going to introduce a flurry of new features, most of which are only unique to the title. One of those features is said to let players mine gems for free.

Clash of Clans - Update to Come Very Soon

New Features of Clash of Clans Said to Include Gem Mining for Free

It has been previously reported by iTech Post that the upcoming update for Clash of Clans is slated to roll out any time this month. It is also reported that the developing studio is quite vocal about regaining their mobile game back to its former glory. As what many have already known, the game was dethroned by Pokémon Go as this particular mobile title has already amassed millions of users around the globe.

Among the most talked about upcoming features in the Clash of Clans app is that of letting users mine gems for free. However, this might be too good to be true, but there is still that smidgen of possibility that the developers will include it in the game. But of course, there will be a catch. As to what that catch might be, well, we’ll just have to wait and see. After all, this game is the company’s bread and butter.

The September update for the popular mobile game is deemed to be Supercell’s way of regaining their former glory as they have been pushed back because of the now very popular Pokémon Go. And that’s not all, other than Niantic’s really famous game, Supercell’s title has been waning down in popularity because there are many players who now find the game to be quite boring. Hence, with this upcoming update, the developers plan to bring back the players that was lost, or even introduce new ones into the fold.

It is also worth mentioning that the forthcoming update for Clash of Clans will introduce a so-called Clan Challenge, wherein Clans would have the ability to issue a friendly request for a challenge towards any of the members within the game. Players can also set their very own war opponents, and even come up with their own preparations prior to battle day.


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