CoDrone – The World’s First Programmable Consumer Quadcopter

For many, computer coding is thought to be limited to, well, computers, but that was before the CoDrone came into the scene. What is it anyway? From the onset, it will look like your ordinary consumer quadcopter. However, this small drone can be programmed to do practically anything you want (minus fixing your leaky faucet). As the company that created it says, “it’s part code, and part drone.” This means that if you’re looking to play some crazy games such as “drone bowling,” or if you have any custom flight routes in mind, then you can do it.

CoDrone - The World's First Programmable Consumer Quadcopter

CoDrone Lets You Make it do What You Want

Once people learn that the CoDrone requires programming, they might stay away from it as they think they need a degree in computer programming to get it to work properly. This is where the community comes in; all users of this programmable quadcopter will gain free access towards step-by-step instructions that will be able to teach you the necessary language to program it properly. The community can teach you basic to advanced skill levels in terms of programming. The Kickstarter funded drone even promises that you can have the drone up and flying in a matter of 5-minutes.

So what do you get within its standard packaging? You will get the CoDrone unit (of course), an inventor board (which is a programmable Arduino compatible board), a controller building set (which has various frames, a battery, a joystick, and more). You will also get 1 Li-Po battery, a Bluetooth module, 1 USB battery charger, and a USB programming cable.

If by chance that you do not want a quadcopter but want to do some programming on a device, then you can opt for the optional Rover kit, but this does cost extra. The trade off here is that you will get wheels instead of rotors. Hence, if exploring the sky isn’t your thing, then you might as well explore things at ground level instead. The add on for the Rover kit include Rover Wheels, front head lights, and spoilers for added balance (and style).

When you look at the price of the CoDrone, it is a great example of how the computing and drone industry has come in recent years, and where it is heading. The package even lets users take advantage of the ability to customize how you control the device. Hence, it is safe to say that there are plenty of big things to see in the future of this programmable drone.


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