Coloud No. 16 Review – Low Price, Excellently Clear Sound

Swedish company has a thing for the minimalist approach, and that kind of design choice is evident on the Coloud No. 16. It is a headphone that is able to deliver rich, lush bass audio profiles while still being able to offer clear, crisp highs. For audio purists, you might want to look elsewhere as the sound might be a bit too sculpted for your tastes. The unit is quite comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time. However, there are no extra accessories right out of the bat, which does explain why the price for the unit is considerably lower than others.

Coloud No. 16 Review - Low Price, Excellently Clear Sound

There are no Accessories Included With the Coloud No. 16

The Coloud No. 16  makes use of supra-aural, or on-ear earcups, and they are quite large that they almost feel like an over-ear pair. However, they do not create the same “sealing” feature as what you would get on over-the-ear headphones. As mentioned earlier, the design choice of this pair is very simple that it is beautiful. The overall look is one that is totally uncluttered, and there is a clear focus on the details, especially when you’re looking at the stitching found on the earpads. There’s also a bit of detail found on the ridged contour at the rubberized padding found on the unit’s underside.

For color options, you will be able to get the No. 16 in black/gray, gray, or blue/neon yellow variants. All of these color variations offer an understated cool image, and the unit does feel comfortable to wear. Furthermore, they do offer a secure fit. However, do take note that this is a wired audio-listening device, which means that the cable is not removable. Still, at its price point, you wouldn’t expect otherwise. Also, it ships with absolutely no accessories, but once again, you’re not about to complain with its price.

When you’re playing music with powerful sub-bass content, it will be able to deliver an impressively deep response. Furthermore, when listening at high, unwise listening levels, the audio profiles does not distort. When listening at moderate volumes, the deep lows can still be felt while still maintaining a healthy balance of depth and crispness to it.

In conclusion, the Coloud No. 16 looks, feels, and delivers audio great. It is pretty exciting to know that headphones such as this is still able to deliver a solid audio performance without all the fancy features or high-end materials packed into it.


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