Comcast – Setting a Limit to How Much Internet You’ll Have

A recent move made by Comcast is now spreading concerns about the topic of net neutrality. The Internet service and cable provider is putting a toll booth found along the Internet superhighway, and its main target is the Chicago area. However, the ones that are most likely affected will be the heaviest binge-watchers of movies, YouTube clips, and TV shows, as well as online gamers who are glued to their videogames 24/7.

Comcast – Setting a Limit to How Much Internet You’ll Have

Comcast Will Start Limiting Internet Connectivity to Chicago-Area Customers Beginning August 1

Starting on the 1st of August of this year, Comcast customers within the Chicago area who have exceeded 1-terabyte of Internet usage per month will now have to pay extra in order to keep on streaming videos, downloading files and photos, or play online games to name a few.

This data usage plan, wherein the company calls it as the “terabyte Internet experience,” was announced in an email to Chicago-area customers on Thursday. It does only affect only 1-percent of the firm’s total number of Internet users, according to the company. For those who are able to exceed their monthly allocated data, there will be a $10 fee for every 50GB of additional data during that month. The extra charges can go as high as $200-per-month. For Chicago-based customers of Comcast that want to take advantage of an unlimited data usage plan, that is also available but there will be an extra $50-charge per month.

Jack Segal, spokesperson from the cable and Internet providing company, stated the following on Friday: “Customers who buy the unlimited plan have the peace of mind to do whatever they want to do online.” Prior to hitting the cap, which does translate to approximately 1,000GB, a user would be able to enjoy streaming 700-hours worth of high-definition videos, play more than 12,000-hours of online games in one month, or download 600,000 high-resolution photos, according to the company. It has also been reported by the spokesperson that the average customer would use approximately 67GB in a month.

Just last year, Comcast introduced a usage-based pricing in other cities around the United States with a set cap of 300GB. There are about 10-percent of customers who regularly exceed the cap on a monthly basis. Back in April, this cap was now raised to 1-terabyte after customers have given their own feedback during the trial period. The company has already rolled out its data usage plans to almost 25-percent of their customers, with the addition of Chicago, according to Segal.


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Comcast – Setting a Limit to How Much Internet You’ll Have
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