Corsair Lapdog Review – Bring PC Games to the Sofa

With the Corsair Lapdog, you no longer have to be confined in front of your PC whenever you want to play your videogames, or even when you need to get work done. It makes use of the advancements in TV technology, as well as with compact PC cases, to make for a great gaming experience right at the comforts of your, well, comfortable sofa in your living room. With this unit, you are able to get the advantage of using a mechanical keyboard with practically any mouse of your choice. It even has a padded underside along with an integrated mouse mat. The entire package gives you everything you need for a comfortable and stable gaming experience right from your sofa.

Corsair Lapdog Review - Bring PC Games to the Sofa

The Corsair Lapdog Brings on the Comfort of Gaming on the Sofa

One look at the Corsair Lapdog and you would immediately notice its two sections: one is a tough plastic piece wherein you can find the mousemat and the keyboard, and the other is a magnetically attached underside to provide the added comfort and padding. For comparison’s sake, the unit is much larger than the Razer Turret that also serves a similar purpose.

It is also useful to know that it is possible to replace the padding underneath the Lapdog without having to purchase a brand new unit. After all, there are some gamers that tend to abuse the capacities of their gaming peripherals, so it would be to no surprise if the padding would wear down soon enough. Also, the fact that the padding is non-washable, nor can it be wiped down, connects to this idea.

The company has been known to have made quite a name for itself as a prime manufacturer for producing mechanical keyboard with a high-end vibe to them, as well as a durable feel. Therefore, interested purchasers should be happy to know that the trend continues on with this keyboard. However, those who do prefer to use any other brand of keyboard are out of luck since the unit is only compatible with the firm’s K70 and K65 keyboards. Still, it is pleasing to know that you can use practically any kind of mouse with this one.

The Corsair Lapdog comes with a bit of a steep price tag, but it does make for a great living room gaming experience. It is able to provide a more stable, and most definitely a more comfortable solution for gamers who want to break away from the confines of the wired setup of their desktop computers.


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