Cowin Ark – Bring More (or Less) Bass Into the Mix

What is the Cowin Ark? it is a two-piece speaker system which is a combination of a mini soundbar and a powerful subwoofer Bass Station. What makes this particular speaker different from most is you can actually remove the subwoofer from the soundbar unit. Therefore, you can add more, or less bass into the mix to tune (no pun intended) your audio preferences.

Cowin Ark - Bring More (or Less) Bass Into the Mix

The Cowin Ark Aims to Bring Better Music to Every Room in Your House

According to the product’s Kickstarter crowdfunding page, the Cowin Ark is the “perfect balance of portability and power.” This is because it has been compared to other portable speakers that promote average sound power but has poor bass, or the traditional home speaker systems that do have a decent level of audio power but are not portable. With this particular combination, both parts can be connected to form a single speaker. It uses a technology called Magnatec wireless charging to combine the two modules together. You can also position them separately while still being able to work each component in unison.

A neat feature that can be found on the Cowin Ark Speaker and Subwoofer System is that users are able to add any number of additional subwoofer Bass Stations to the main Ark speaker system. What it would bring about is customized levels of sound quality that is being delivered towards a single room inside your house, or to your entire home.

Inside you will find two speaker drivers, passive radiators, and the 3.5-inch ported subwoofer. All of these come together in a more portable and flexible way to listen to your favorite tracks. Should you want to bring it in another place, the wireless Bluetooth speaker is portable, and it is claimed to play 8-hours of continuous music on a full charge.

As mentioned earlier, the soundbar unit of the Cowin Ark can be connected to the accompanying subwoofer via its Bass Station. The Bass Station subwoofer is ported and runs off a standard mains supply. While it is not as portable as the mini soundbar itself, it still makes for some degree of portability because of its compact size. The port will redirect sound from the rear of the cone, and it will also add sound that will come from the front. This kind of formula brings about more power and more bass to the mix. This particular speaker system can even be used with popular audio streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify.


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Cowin Ark – Bring More (or Less) Bass Into the Mix
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