Creative iRoar Review – Feel the Room Shake

If you’re looking for a speaker that would definitely shake up your room, or perhaps even you’re entire house, then leave that to the Creative iRoar. It immediately stands apart from its competitors, and even its predecessors with its awe-inspiring audio prowess. What’s immediately amazing is that this rather diminutive looking speaker can dish out such an intense level of sound. And if you’re worried if the volume is the only thing excellent about it, don’t be. Overall sound performance is just as good, and there are also some extras involved that ultimately makes this Bluetooth speaker a must-buy.

Creative iRoar Review - Feel the Room Shake

The Creative iRoar Differentiates Itself From the Crowd by Having Excellent Audio and Volume Levels

While the Creative iRoar might have a rather compact size, it does weigh a bit more than most. This is because of the audio prowess that can be found on the inside. For those who already have the Creative Roar, note that both devices share the same weight, but this time it adds a bit more girth to the equation. When looking under the hood, you will be able to take a gander at two amps to better support the high volume levels that dish wonder of a Bluetooth speaker can dish out.

There are speaker indents that can be found on each side, and they do fall in line with previous models. This does promote a sense of consistency, which is good for those who are fans of Creative’s products. There are grilles that cover the front and sides of the iRoar, and these are accompanied with a circular grille carved at the top. This circular grille includes an NFC tag, and it is here where you will place your phone when you want to pair the two devices together.

So what about the sound? Once again, despite its rather compact nature, the volume levels that this thing can dish out is no joke. Not only is it louder than its predecessors, or with many other Bluetooth speakers on the market, the audio that it dishes out sounds cleaner and more balanced. Furthermore, this is without using the featured “Roar” button, which would otherwise give the speaker an even additional volume boost.

The most obvious difference that the Creative iRoar from many other models on the market is the supreme lack of distortion on the low end. Even when playing your favorite tracks at high, unwise listening levels, there’s no distortion that can be heard. Overall, you would owe it to yourself to purchase this speaker.


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Creative iRoar Review – Feel the Room Shake
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